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Let’s first take a moment to talk about the types of accounts she has available to contribute to and why it’s important to invest for retirement in the first place–and not just save up a bunch of cash. Trying to boost this fund back up as it’s not quite enough for my comfort after buying my house. The mortgage combined with a lack of retirement and health benefits also makes being my own boss stressful.


My blog has ideas on how to save money on your gas, electricity, broadband and other household bills. Covers frugal living tips for how to save money and reach financial goals. Discover simple ways to save money on living expenses and spend less. Covers money saving tips to eliminate debt, frugalwoods frugal tips, recipes, and inspirational posts to help you start living the simple life. My Stay At Home Adventures will help and motivated start any kind of adventure at home. It’s been interesting to read the comments and see all the different ways we frugal minds prioritize expenses.

Find joy and contentment in simple living, and learn to make the most of what you’ve got. Join Charlene Haugsven on her frugal adventures where being frugal doesn’t mean being cheap & where you will learn that less really can be more! Blog posts cover easy recipes, crafts, DIY tips, and home improvement projects. Covers articles to learn how to make decisions that lead to a life of financial freedom. John is a professional freelance writer who likes to match his experience in the financial services industry with his interest in money.

Frugal Chicken

→If the house stays, a lot of other Discretionary items will need to go. Jess is correct that this is really high, but, she articulated that this is her highest priority and she doesn’t want to sell her house. What you want to be able to do in retirement is draw down a sustainable percentage of your overall investment portfolio to live on each year. You want to have enough invested to allow you to do this for the duration of your retirement. Also, remember that this total doesn’t include her Social Security, which is inflation-adjusted, and which she projects will be $47,388 a year starting at age 70. On the other hand, I’m open to moving into a full-time, in-house role with a good company if I find the right fit.

  • Of all the parenting milestones we’ve marked over the years, I think I’m the most excited about this one.
  • Chase said she hasn’t used paper towels in nine years.
  • If you want to find incredible content around both of these topics Saving Advice’s blog should be your go-to source.
  • I am in my mid-thirties, happily married to the sweetest man in the world and mother to two of the most precious little boys This blog is my story.
  • Would be super interesting to read a follow up on your Case Study.

Skint Dad is the destination online where every penny counts.Whether you’re looking to cut back on your food bill, save for a rainy day, or find inventive ways to up your income; Skint Dad has the answer. I am Peter Adeney – writing about how we can all lead a frugal yet Badass life of leisure. We’re going to cover a lot of ground and make plenty of amusing side trips into lifestyle and culture issues, but when it boils down to it, we are talking about money. “You’re going to pay for convenience, usually between 40 percent to 60 percent more for prepared foods in the deli section,” Woroch said.

And the credit goes to her frugal mentality and starting a blog that took her to where she is now. Ruth, a frugal mom blogger, is the founder of this blog which was launched in 2010 and has grown into a large online community that is read by millions of people worldwide. Nicole, a wife, and mother of two is the founder of The Frugal Chic life. She’s got a YouTube channel where she talks about the same money-saving hacks and personal stories of living frugally.

Jess’s Hobbies and Lifestyle

If you haven’t read that post yet, I recommend you go there first since today’s article is the second in this mini-series. Today I’ll take you on a journey through my closet, with far less emotional toil and far more practical lists. In addition, if Jess is in the Nor Cal area it seems (Sonoma-ish), there may be opportunities to increase income by renting the house temporarily. I was wondering the same thing about the tax refund – when you get such a large refund back, that means you are loaning the money to the IRS for free (you don’t earn interest on it). I would ask your accountant about this number and play around with it. Your library has an app called Ali by that will save you loads of money with ebooks.

Frugal Buzz is an online frugal lifestyle magazine. Reviewing various ways to make extra money and providing tips on how to save on your everyday bills. My name is Pete, I am in my 30s and I love money saving.

Josh is a stay-at-home dad, which suits their family perfectly. Holly’s question is whether or not this is sustainable from a financial perspective. They are naturally frugal and don’t spend much, but wonder if they’re saving and planning well enough for retirement.

Joyfully Thriving is where Kristen Whirrett writes about learning to love a frugal life. Articles on gluten-free recipes, frugal living tips and simple diy by Elise New. The frugal farm wife is where she shares adventures in saving money, making money, allergy-free eating, and living healthy. Providing tips on how to live large on a small budget. Wise Bread is a personal finance and frugal living forum. Congratulations for deciding to look at your finances and future planning.


Or, “if you have children, have them draw a cute picture to make it extra special,” Woroch said. Cherie Lowe, creator of the blog Queen of Free, started creating her own DIY laundry detergent because her family was having allergic reactions to store-bought detergents. It has saved her hundreds of dollars over the years, she said. They combine garbanzo beans, olive oil, lemon zest, squeezed lemon and water in the food processor. A can of garbanzo beans costs about 70 cents, and a lemon costs about 60 cents.

November is always a month of celebrations in our family! We hosted Thanksgiving for what we think is the 10th year–although there were a few years off for Covid–and Kidwoods turned seven! Our expenses are always higher in November on account of these festivities and I don’t mind at all.

Millennials have been caricatured as affluent liberal-arts majors with no career plans, but the reality is most Millennials don’t even have a college degree. Personally, I would like to thank you for sharing these Frugal Blogs. These blogs would be very helpful to our knowledge. The blog has received many mentions on sites like CNN, The Seattle Times, etc, and has a good collection of resources for thrifty living.

You can combine olive oil, vinegar and spices to make your own dressing, Woroch said. With our busy lives, it often seems easier to buy the things we need rather than make them. But some of the things you regularly use or consume can be made from scratch relatively quickly and for a https://forexarena.net/ fraction of the cost of store-bought. Mr. FW celebrated his 39th birthday in August and my in-laws graciously kept our children for three days (and two nights!!!!)! We decided against traveling this year–last year we went kid-free to Cambridge, MA–and instead stay-cationed it up.

Personally, remembering my young kiddo days, I would prioritize the housekeeper above almost everything else! I like cooking at home, and frozen “fun foods” to me are just as fun as going out. Making my own coffee at home saves me thousands of dollars a year. I love using the library for books, e-books, and audio books . I think gyms are kind of a racket…If I lived in N. California I’d exercise outdoors every single day!

One more thought on the Frugalwoods

We routinely remove inactive blogs and those which are no longer relevant to a given list. List is updated as we receive new blog submissions and re-ranked every few weeks. About – Frugal2Fab is a Indian Wedding Blog sharing inexpensive wedding ideas to help the Indian Bride have a pinterest worthy fabulous budget wedding. About – Frugal living tips for a life of simplicity and financial self reliance. Mollie shares her fabulously frugal food adventures, as well as recipes, cooking tips and more.

Debts: $0

Your financial situation will also likely differ from mine, and that’s ok too! There’s no one right way to do money, although there are definitely some wrong ways. I have a kid old enough to start learning about money!

Moving to being an employee rather than self-employed could help her feel less anxiety about money, since her income each month is steady instead of dependent on clients. If it were me, I’d be very reluctant to give up the hours / work-life Jess has. Her girls are young, she’s fairly recently divorced and being available and present for them in a consistent way for at least another year or so would be ideal. As they get a bit older, then absolutely, go back to work full-time for a good salary.

Top UK parenting blog written by Becky Goddard Hill, an award winning thrifty blogger. Covers articles about wise spending, DIY, contentment, and simplicity. The Frugal Girl is all about cheerfully living on less!

Jo also works as a speaker, trainer, commercial copywriter and journalist. Covers tips on how to navigate the world on a tight budget. Or, you can make your own compost by combining kitchen and garden scraps. Diverting food scraps to a compost bin can help reduce the amount of trash you’ll throw away, which also means you won’t go through trash bags as quickly.

Mollie is a believer food doesn’t have to be pricey to be great. Covers articles about frugality and alternative ways of making money such as mystery shopping. Covers quality and thorough product reviews, frugal & parenting tips, steals & deals, DIY crafts, recipes and more. My name is Taya and I’m a mom to two beautiful little girls born in 2012 and 2016 and wife to an amazingly supportive husband as well as the founder of Simply Frugal.

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