This is the age people find the most meaning in their lives, study shows

You have to learn to put your energy where it matters, which requires continued self-discovery and self-awareness. If you can identify and nurture the most important parts of your life, you can let go of the other stressors that are bringing you down and better regulate your emotions. For example, religion may teach you that helping others will give you purpose.

  • These questions are easily repurposed for other spheres of our lives.
  • Experimental laboratory studies have demonstrated a temporal relationship between positive mood and sense of meaning.
  • It’s easy to browse social media while you’re alone on the subway or sitting at a bar waiting for a friend.

Only around 25% of American adults say they have a clear sense of what makes their lives meaningful, according to one analysis in The New York Times. Another 40% either claim neutrality on the subject or say they don’t. Some might protest that Landau’s being simplistic.

Tips for Finding Your Purpose in Life

Take time to think of what really matters to you (like helping others or protecting the planet). When the hours are difficult or the tasks are unglamorous, remember that your work is an act of service for those you care about in your personal life. Keeping this front of mind will help you tie more purpose into your work, even when accomplishing the most tedious of tasks. Run experiments Once you’ve nailed down your hypotheses, it’s time to test them. First, you can try things out within an existing job.

Or, if your family is more a source of stress than support, deep friendships could be what you value most. Your short-term goals may not always work out. As we said earlier, life has surprises in store for you. But they can, at the very least, keep you pointed in the right direction, so you’re always working toward a life that’s meaningful to you. One day you’ll feel like you’re so close to finding purpose, and others, it’ll feel impossibly out of reach. Be patient and kind to yourself along the way.

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The format is up to you and what resonates most with you. Creating your own definition makes each of your values more real to you. Even if others have the same value as you, it’s unlikely that they’ll define their value in the same way you’d how to create meaning in life define yours. Follow us on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter for nonstop inspiration delivered fresh to your feed, every day. Frankl helped the elderly man to see that his purpose had been to spare his wife the pain of losing him first.

The stereotypical concept of an older adult is of someone who is frail and requires care; however, older age is not synonymous with a less meaningful or valuable life. Here we will summarize the existing psychological research that examines this question and provide you with a starting point on your journey. At some stage of our time on Earth, we might wonder about the meaning of our life. Do your best at whatever you try, without a need to be perfect. If things don’t work out at first, keep an optimistic mindset and try again.

How to find happiness throughout your life: 6 tips

If you’re lucky, you’ll be passionate about your job. If not, you might find joy in your personal time. Whether it’s music, rock climbing, or running, making time for your interests helps you find meaning.

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